Walk for Animals & Furry 5K Fundraising tips


Download your fundraising toolkits here!  We asked some of the most successful fundraisers over the years to share their tips and tricks with us. Check out some of their favorite ways to fundraise, shared below.  We hope these tips help you meet your fundraising goals!

Individual Fundraiser Toolkit

Youth Fundraiser Toolkit

Team Fundraising Toolkit

Workplace Fundraising Toolkit


Social Media Tips

Know what time your friends & followers are most active - morning vs night.

  • Best Times to Post: Monday through Friday 1pm – 4pm (Peak Time 3pm) Worst Times to Post: 8pm – 8am; Weekends
  • Use hashtags on all social media platforms. Hashtags allow you to search what others are posting about topics that you are interested in and affiliate your posts with this group.
  • Share why you are participating and what your goal is. Include updates on how close you are to reaching your goal throughout your fundraising.

  • Recognize your donors. Just type @ before their name into your status comments, it will then show up in a drop down box. Choose their name to tag them which a short and sincere thank you!

  • Use the header or cover photo on your social media profiles to promote your campaign.

  • Include a Call to Action. Examples: “Click here to donate” or “Share this”

  • Make sure to include visual content (pictures or videos). This attracts more attention to your post.


Social Media Sharing

Official Walk for Animals & Furry 5K hashtag:  #WFA2018

Official Virtual Furry 5K hashtag:  #furryV5K

**Images tagged with these hashtags will show up in our event instagram widget.**


Tag Animal Allies Humane Society so we can follow along with you!

#animalalliesdlh @animalallies @animalalliesdlh


Teams (any group; churches, families, group of friends, etc.)

  • Know what the funds will go towards - give specific examples of what each dollar amount provides for AAHS

  • Give it up.  Weekly Chinese takeout? Monthly trips to the mall? Pop and vending machine snacks at work? Whatever your guilty pleasure, within your group, pledge to abstain for one month and donate the money you saved.

  • Hold a garage sale and pledge your profit

  • Raise awareness and funds by setting up a table any place where you have high people traffic. Contact your local grocery store, Walmart, shopping mall, etc., and see if they would allow your team to set up a stand for a day.


Workplace Teams (corporate, small businesses, people who work together, etc)

  • Create a goal as a team and make a visual progress meter in your workplace.

  • Encourage a little friendly competition.

  • Make a pin that says 'ask me about the Walk for Animals and' wear it at work.

  • Create a casual Friday for a cost - ask your boss if it would be possible to dress down for a $10 donation (like Denim 4 Charity Fridays) all donations go to your workplace team’s Walk for Animals campaign.

  • Start a donation wall at your workplace - have a display where people can donate a set amount to get their name put up on the donation wall. (Think paper hearts or printed images of different animals with their name below, like the shamrocks sold at gas stations or grocery stores.)


Youth individual

  • Dog walking for donations - offer your services to a neighbor, family member, or friend in exchange for a donation to your fundraising efforts.

  • Create spare change jars and ask local businesses to put them out near their cash register.

  • Coloring sheet/color contest. Create colorful Walk for Animals posters to hang up around your neighborhood letting people know where they can go online to donate to your personal page.

  • Offer to complete any chores or odd jobs for neighbors, family, or friends if they will donate towards your goal.

  • Coordinate with a local gas station to have volunteers serve as gas station attendants who pump gas and clean windshields for one day in exchange for donations.

  • Door to door with your parent/guardian.


Adult individual

  • Change your voicemail and answering machine messages to include information about  your participation in the walk and where people can go to help you reach your goal.

  • If someone says they will think about it, set a date and get back to them on that date.

  • Set a goal. This gives you a target to work towards and allows you to track your progress

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to network and connect with a larger range of family and friends.

  • Explain your reasoning for fundraising and why this cause is important to you. Let people know why you are doing this. Make sure you share your excitement and enthusiasm!